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LinkedIn may feel threatened, as Facebook is expanding its range of services again. Mark Zuckerberg’s service is trying to deliver the new value to its user by becoming a recruitment platform.

As reported by TechCrunch, Facebook is testing a new option for fanpage administrators. Having that, companies will be able to recruit new employees through their Facebook sites. Facebook wants to incorporate the recruitment mechanism into the Facebook fanpages of companies and show it as a separate item next to the information, photos, etc.

So, how will it work?

The employer will be able to create a form, which will give information on the requirements, salary, and general nature of the employment, while the potential employee will be able to apply directly through the form by submitting the CV and other required documents. The company will receive an application in the form of Facebook message.

Interestingly, an application form will use data that has already been provided to Facebook. So, after the form has been completed once, or we have a well-filled history of education, employment, etc., Facebook will fill the form automatically. This feature will save the user’s time as there will be no need to repeatedly type the same information into many similar forms while applying to multiple companies.

Is this a threat to LinkedIn?

As LinkedIn – the most “professional” social networking – continues to stagnate, waiting for the finalization of the $26 billion worth deal with Microsoft, Facebook introduced the new feature just in time, possibly leaving Microsoft with the overpriced platform.

In recent years LinkedIn has lost on importance. It used to be a highly important service when it came to establishing business relations, however, there are fewer and fewer communities thinking about the service in this way. It is especially evident when it comes to young people, who are just entering the labor market. They often do not use LinkedIn as the service is extremely unfriendly, fossilized, and has nothing to offer to the young generation.

Meanwhile, most of these people have a Facebook account. So, where they will look for a job after Facebook introduces a new functionality to everyone?

Currently, it is not known when Facebook will make the feature available to everyone, but for sure it will happen soon.

I have no doubt that the new functionality will be extremely popular. Potential employees will be offered jobs automatically and the enormous customer base and analytical capabilities of Facebook ensures that the job offerings will be targeted accurately and to a vast number of people. Both employees and employers will benefit from that.

So, is the fall of LinkedIn inevitable? No, not yet. The company can undertake actions to attract and retain users. Linkedin has a brand and is known as a professional network, while Facebook is associated with private networking platform and often the information shared by the users are of private nature, so the risk that employers will know “too much” is immense. However, LinkedIn must be quick.

What do you think about the future of LinkedIn? Do you think that the service is on a hiding to nothing? What about the acquisition by Microsoft?


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2 thoughts on “Will Facebook dominate LinkedIn?”

  1. Hi Mariusz,
    thank for an interesting post! It’s definitely a hot topic right now, how LinkedIn will perform after being acquired by Microsoft.
    Facebook is looking for a ways to diversify since it’s beginnings, so entering a recruitment market does come across as a surprise. However, the key obstacle would be winning users trust in terms of data privacy.
    During my exchange semester in the University of Southern California, Los Angeles I was astonished how many students deleted their Facebook accounts during recruitment period and as I found out later, that’s a popular thing to do on American universities. They were simply afraid that the potential employer can access their private photos, posts and other content. This seems like a counter-intuitive customer behaviour to what Facebook wants to achieve.
    Personally, from customer point of view, I find it hard to consider Facebook as something more than social tool and especially a source of information about potential job openings.
    Nonetheless, LinkedIn definitely needs to step up its game to be compete against other recruitment market entrants. Currently 80% of job offers I’m receiving through LinkedIn are non-relevant for me. It would be interesting to see how the situation unfolds – will Facebook with it’s immense user base gain enough trust to become a successful recruitment platform or Microsoft will show us soon a new face of LinkedIn? Or maybe in the near future new player will dominate the market?
    One thing is certain, fierce competition in the industry works in favour for both job seekers and employers.

  2. Hi mariusz,
    Thanks for the blog post!
    I totally agree with Mateusz’s post. Facebook has a huge potential in entering this market, but unfortunately they lack the trust of the users to offer such a service. Nevertheless, I think Facebook will indeed enter this market as it is a big opportunity for them to expand their business.

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