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A study I recently read focused on teens using social media. The teens tent to put the settings on ‘private’, but they have a large network of so called friends with whom they still share their every move. Teens today are sharing far more information than 10 years ago. A possible cause for this, is the evolution of platforms. If a friend has a profile on, for example, Facebook, you definitely should create one too, right?!

There seems to be not much difference between boys and girls about sharing their information, except for sharing a phone number with Facebook. Girls are more hesitant to share their phone number, where boys seem to not really care and share it anyways. The study also showed that Facebook is more popular with teens, with an average of 300 friends. On Twitter, the average amount of followers is ‘only’ 79.

The teens indicate that they don’t have any concerns about third parties getting access to their data. They say that the privacy settings on Facebook are “not difficult at all” to use. May I question if they really know what they are doing? As a Facebook user myself, finding the privacy settings is easy. But managing all parties having access to my data on Facebook is a whole other story. By logging in to websites or apps, using my Facebook, the third party gets my information. What are they going to do with that information? I don’t know… What is Facebook doing with my information? Probably a lot that I don’t want to know (yes, I should care but I find it too scary to know what companies are doing with my information). The teens that say that they are confident that their information is save because of the “privacy settings” should look around in the media and listen to what Facebook, and other social media websites, are doing.

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